Industry and research precincts

Working together in the same physical location enhances the exchange of knowledge, ideas and skills.

Industry and research precincts facilitate innovation by bringing together the very best minds. They are places where researchers, entrepreneurs, experts and students mix with leading industry partners. Places where people from different institutions can share ideas, and where our students gain practical skills. And they are places where investors can identify and support the path to commercialisation.

Each precinct is purpose-built with the latest technology and facilities. This means that together we can fast-track your research to bring new innovations to market. Or develop creative solutions to local and global challenges.

Do you need to solve a challenge for your business or organisation, or give insight into a current issue? Use the University's Find an Expert tool to search for the best researcher for the job.

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Woman looking at device with electronic map in background
black and white display of brain waves during an epileptic seizure

Case study: Detecting epileptic seizures with an implantable device

Epiminder has raised $A44 million to develop an implantable device to detect and predict epileptic seizures. University of Melbourne researchers founded the company in 2018. The device is now undergoing a clinical trial.

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Multidisciplinary research

At the University of Melbourne, we bring experts together to think deeply about complex issues. And to solve big problems.

The breadth of our research fields means that you can access knowledge and expertise across many disciplines. We can assemble a multidisciplinary group of experts to tackle your problem from different angles. And to reflect on the world in different ways. Because we know that great things happen when curious minds come together to solve the world's challenges.

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