Hallmark Research Initiatives

Interdisciplinary research finding solutions for addressing local and global challenges

Our Hallmarks in action

The Hallmark Research Initiatives address significant local and global challenges that cannot be solved by one discipline alone. Research includes:

  • Meeting the future nutritional needs of a growing local and global population
  • Combating racism at both the interpersonal and structural levels
  • Understanding how technologies are profoundly shaping the nature of work, workplaces and working lives
  • Addressing the dynamic interdependencies between fire, climate, society, and the environment.

The initiatives encourage the maturing of interdisciplinary research communities through research projects, workshops, fellowships and events.

Researchers work with industry, government and not-for profit organisations in Australia and internationally. In turn they challenge current thinking and offer new solutions to change our world

Explore the initiatives and find out how you, your organisation or community group can get involved.

Current Hallmark Research Initiatives

Mycelium fungus bricks

Hallmark research in the spotlight

Making sustainable building material – with mushrooms

Cladding is used to protect and insulate buildings. Usually, cladding ‘sandwich’ panels are made with aluminium and synthetic materials. This makes them cheap, light and easy to install. But they leave a large carbon footprint.

Mycelium, a network of fibres from which mushrooms flower, has the required properties for sandwich panels while being biodegradable. It is used in packaging and interior building linings and fittings.

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First published on 10 May 2022.

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