Melbourne Connect

Redefining how businesses, researchers, government and entrepreneurs work together

Melbourne Connect is a purpose-built innovation precinct. The University of Melbourne is leading the project, in partnership with a consortium led by Lendlease. This new precinct brings together the digital expertise of leading University of Melbourne researchers and industry leaders. It redefines how businesses, researchers, government and entrepreneurs work together. It focuses on unlocking solutions to the most pressing future challenges. And these solutions are digitally driven, data enabled and socially responsible.

Cities around the world are witnessing the emergence of Innovation Districts, which seek to cluster leaders in innovation. Broad economic and demographic trends are driving the need for these districts. They enable collaboration to challenge and change how we solve complex problems. Melbourne’s Innovation District is located in City North, with Melbourne Connect as its anchor.

In this model of collaboration, we learn from each other’s comprehensive breadth of expertise. This learning drives innovation and new technologies across all sectors. In doing so, we also elevate the skills of your future workforce.

Industry can co-locate with the University. This means you can access world-leading expertise and talent in digital technology, including:

  • artificial intelligence (AI)
  • data science
  • robotics

Melbourne Connect sits alongside proven global exemplars that form a new kind of innovation precinct anchored by universities. One example is Kendall Square in Cambridge – dubbed 'the most innovative square mile on the planet'.

Learn how you can join Melbourne Connect and shape Australia’s digital landscape, through:

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