Melbourne Arts Precinct

When you work with us in the Melbourne Arts Precinct, we can push the boundaries of knowledge through arts inquiry. Together, we can deliver a positive and lasting impact to individuals, workplaces and whole communities.

The Southbank campus in the Melbourne Arts Precinct is home to the University’s  Faculty of Fine Arts and Music. Through research, we’re learning more about the way art and music shapes society, health and wellbeing. As a partner, you can work with us at our Southbank campus to drive research that benefits your organisation. These benefits could include increased cognitive function or higher levels of resilience among your workforce.

For example, University researchers are investigating the role of music and dance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Around the globe, we have seen artists and audiences in lockdown unite through a love of music. We are discovering how in an unpredictable world music contributes to social cohesion, individual resilience and wellbeing.

Another current study is investigating music therapy for people with dementia and depression.

This is only a snapshot of University of Melbourne research. We’re continuing to push the boundaries of fine arts and music inquiry, on a global scale.

Discover the Melbourne Arts Precinct

The Melbourne Arts Precinct has one of the highest concentrations of arts, cultural and creative organisations in the world. When you immerse yourself in the Precinct, you’ll meet people with outstanding artistic and musical talent. There will be opportunities to collaborate, and to tap into your future workforce.

Its facilities include:

  • arts education and training institutions
  • art galleries, including the NGV, the most visited art gallery in Australia
  • theatres
  • music venues
  • public art
  • studios
  • creative co-working spaces and more.

The precinct will be enhanced further with the construction of  NGV Contemporary. This gallery will include Australia’s richest display of contemporary art and design. It is expected to be completed in 2025.

Contact Creative Victoria for more information about the Melbourne Arts Precinct.

Explore the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

Since 2018, the University has invested in several major re-developments at its Southbank campus:

The faculty also hosts the Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development. This centre connects Indigenous artists with a career in visual and performing arts. This means that the wider community can learn through longstanding traditions of Indigenous culture.

Watch our YouTube channel

A new home for the Melbourne Conservatorium

The new Ian Potter Southbank Centre is both architecturally beautiful and highly functional. In this video, the architects share their creative vision, and musicians talk about performing and learning in this purpose-built space.