Campus life

Our campuses offer dedicated spaces for learning and research, as well as unique places to socialise, share ideas, relax and stay healthy.

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Our campuses

Our main campus is in Parkville, Melbourne. Located within walking distance of central Melbourne, it’s home to ten faculties and a diverse community of students, researchers and professional staff. This is where most of the University's research takes place.

Other campuses include:

Research Places

Depending on your research topic, you may base your studies at one of our campuses, nearby hospitals or affiliated institutes.

Each place of research offers programs that are tailored to your discipline. This means you can shape your experience to get the results you need. You might choose to do your research:

Study spaces

As a full-time graduate researcher, you will be provided with access to a workspace and desk.

Part-time graduate researchers will have access to a workspace, and at least shared use of a desk. There are also many comfortable and inspiring places to study across our campuses.

The Graduate Centre

The Graduate Centre at our Parkville campus includes a variety of study spaces as well as computer labs, lockers and meeting rooms. You can obtain 24-hour access to the centre. Contact the Graduate Student Association for more information.

Library study spaces

The University's libraries all have study spaces, computers, rooms and group study spaces.

The Baillieu Library has dedicated study spaces for graduate students. There are also four graduate study rooms in the Baillieu Library, which can be booked for two-hour periods.

Faculty study spaces

Many graduate schools and academic departments also have dedicated study spaces available to you.

Resources on campus

Student IT

Our Student IT team can assist you with IT needs, like connecting to the University networks and using our applications. Student IT is located at various libraries across our campuses and you can chat with them online too.

Student Union

The University of Melbourne’s Student Union coordinates more than 200 clubs and societies. Clubs and societies are one of the easiest ways to meet new people and enrich your study experience. From the political to the sporting – there’s something for everyone.

You will have access to all Student Union services including support services and representation.

Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association is your one-stop shop when it comes to:

  • Networking with other graduate students via discipline-based graduate groups
  • Study and career-related workshops and forums
  • Social events.
Children’s services

The University of Melbourne provides long daycare and kindergarten programs for children of staff, students and alumni, as well as children from the wider community. Fees vary according to each family's individual circumstances. Visit Early Childhood Children’s Services to find out more.

University House

University House is the staff and alumni club of the University of Melbourne. As a graduate researcher, you can hold a complimentary membership. The House is a place you can socialise, relax and collaborate with fellow academics, professional staff and alumni from a wide range of disciplines.

Food and shopping

Melbourne is a multicultural city bustling with people from across the globe. The University’s food and drink options reflect this, while our Parkville campus is minutes from Carlton’s famous eateries and Melbourne’s CBD, and the Southbank campus is also situated on the CBD’s fringe. So, even if you’re far from home, you won’t be far from your favourite cuisine.


Cycling is a convenient, healthy and environmentally friendly way to get to several of our campuses. Once you arrive, there are over 2000 bicycle parks just at the Parkville campus, including three hundred in secure bicycle hubs. Hub access is free for University staff and students, you just need to sign up.

First published on 17 February 2022.

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