International joint PhD opportunities

When you undertake a joint PhD you will access expertise, resources and training from two institutions. As well as the University of Melbourne, you will spend at least 12 months at an international institution. This means your research will benefit from a global perspective, enhancing your prospects for an international research career. Upon completion, your joint PhD will be recognised by two testamurs – one from each partner university.

Learn how an international joint PhD opportunity in chemistry helped fulfil both professional and personal ambitions for Dr Susi Seibt. Since completing her joint PhD in Germany and Australia, Dr Seibt has landed her dream job at the Australian Synchrotron.

We have a range of international joint PhD opportunities that are currently available. These positions are all fully funded. They exist across a range of disciplines, at universities and research institutions around the world.

Current joint PhD research opportunities

Next steps

Find out more about our international partner institutions and how to apply for a joint PhD.

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