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We offer options when it comes to choosing where you’ll do your research. Depending on your topic, you can study at one of our campuses, at nearby hospitals or with affiliated institutes.

Each place of research offers programs that are tailored to your discipline. This means you can shape your experience to get the results you need. You might choose to do your research:

Our campuses

Our main campus is in Parkville, Melbourne. This is where most of the University's research takes place. Other campuses include:

Industry and research precincts

When you research with us, you’ll be in the heart of Australia’s leading scientific and cultural precincts. Depending on your field of research, you could be based at one of the following locations.

  • Melbourne Biomedical Precinct

    We are a key part of the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct. This network of skilled workers and leading institutes is unparalleled in Australia and is among the world’s best. The precinct:

    • receives more competitive national biomedical research funding than any other precinct in Australia
    • produces publications that have twice the citation rate of anywhere in the world
    • includes more than 40 hospitals, research, teaching and biotechnology organisations.

    This network provides world-class clinical care and research to Victorians – and beyond. It will continue to provide research opportunities as it grows.

  • Melbourne Arts Precinct

    Our Southbank campus sits in the heart of the Melbourne Arts Precinct. This area includes the most visited art gallery and busiest performing arts centre in Australia. And it has one of the highest concentrations of arts and cultural organisations in the world.

    Investing for the future

    Doing your research in the precinct connects you with state-of-the-art facilities. We have invested in major re-developments in the precinct since 2018, including:

    The precinct will be enhanced further with the construction of NGV Contemporary. This gallery will include Australia’s richest display of contemporary art and design. It is expected to be completed in 2025.

    For a list of arts organisations in the precinct, see Creative Victoria’s Directory.

  • Melbourne Connect

    By the end of 2020, there will be a new and exciting innovation centre in the heart of Melbourne. It will place researchers, industry groups and other great thinkers in the one place. This will encourage collaborative innovation in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines.

    Melbourne Connect will include:

    • a variety of workspaces and labs including the ‘Superfloor’ – a place to connect, learn and share.
    • Science Gallery Melbourne –a ‘living lab’ for exhibitions and ideas. The gallery’s programs explore the collision of art and science.
    • home for the Melbourne Entrepreneurial Centre
    • social and networking events.
  • Fishermans Bend

    We are creating a new campus at Fishermans Bend. This will enable us to expand the Melbourne School of Engineering.

    The campus will feature large-scale research platform facilities, such as:

    • wind and water tunnels
    • smart grid technologies
    • electric vehicle and engine propulsion testing and
    • autonomous vehicle testing.

    These facilities will drive research into social and environmental challenges. The campus will open in the early 2020s.

Building an innovation community

Everything we know about innovation tells us that place is really important. You’ve only got to go to places like Silicon Valley and see the booming co-working spaces there and around the world. It tells us that there’s something about the environments that people work in that makes a really big difference.

Professor Colin McLeod, Executive Director, Melbourne Entrepreneurial Centre

Learn more about Melbourne Connect

First published on 17 February 2022.

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