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We're here to support your health and wellbeing, as well as your research goals.

At the University, we're working hard to instil and promote a culture that is inclusive and supportive. We offer training and resources to help you reach your potential as a researcher. And we provide services that help you feel safe and respected.

A safe and inclusive environment

The University of Melbourne is committed to enabling a safe, inclusive and respectful environment – and this includes preventing sexual assault and harassment within our community.

Whatever stage you are at in your research career, we want you to feel safe and supported during your time here. This is why, when it comes to sexual assault and harassment, we have zero tolerance. We have clear codes of conduct, and we do not tolerate behaviour that does not meet our standards.

From 18 March 2024 candidates will need to complete an online training module called ‘Preventing Sexual Misconduct’. We can assure you that if you are affected by sexual assault or harassment while a member of our community, we will support you. We provide access to safe and confidential support services.

Creating a respectful community

Listen to Professor Duncan Maskell, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne, discuss the importance of respect, as well as the University's position on sexual assault and sexual harassment, and services available to students and staff.

To learn how we’re working to create a safe, inclusive and respectful community, see Respect at the University.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Duncan Maskell talks about respect at the University of Melbourne

Our support services

Learning and development

We offer training and resources to help you reach your potential as a researcher, including:

Research services

You will have access to:

  • Research Computing Services – this network of IT infrastructure and expertise helps you to store, manage and analyse large data sets.
  • tailored resources and services from our network of libraries. Our research librarians can assist you throughout the research life cycle. From finding information to measuring impact.

For detailed information on our research facilities, see facilities and resources.

Support beyond your research

Whether you need to see a doctor or find a house, we can provide you with support across the following areas:

  • Health and welfare – including access to medical doctors, counselling services, discounted dental and eye-care services
  • Careers and employability – including advice on jobs and internships
  • Extra support – including services to help you with finances, legal advice and childcare.

For a detailed listing of the support services available, see our student services directory.

First published on 16 February 2024.

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