Protecting your idea

Protecting your ideas and discoveries made through research is important and the University can help you to protect your Intellectual Propery (IP) and commercialise it.

As a student, you may have a novel idea which has the potential to become a new product, service or even inspire you to form your own startup company. But how do you know if your idea – your  IP  – has commercial potential or needs protecting? And what steps can you take to do that?

Intellectual property describes creations that may be legally owned and protected.

The University can help you create impact from or commercialise IP if you assign IP to the University.

We have experts who can work with you to assess the potential of your IP, in a timely way, in accordance with our 2- 2-2 process. In return for assigning IP ownership to the University, the University will support you to commercialise your discovery and you will share in any financial benefits the University makes from it, less costs involved in protecting and commercialising the IP.

The first step in protecting your IP is to tell us about it, via an IP Disclosure. When you disclose your IP to the University, it starts a process which could lead to your idea or creation being developed into a new product or service.

First published on 7 March 2023.

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