About commercialisation and entrepreneurship at the University

Learn how our commercialisation and entrepreneurial ecosystem supports our enterprising researchers and students create impact from new products, services and ventures.

Universities have a social responsibility to make a difference in the world. One way we do this is through translating our research into public good.

The University of Melbourne has a strong track record of applying innovative research – from the cochlear implant and the Synchron implantable brain-computer interface to conserving the world’s oldest Indigenous art at our Grimwade Centre.

We are the first university in Australia to put in place an end-to-end program to support access to funds for our researchers, students, staff, alumni and affiliates; helping them to progress and grow their ideas and innovations through a supported entrepreneurial pathway.

Research translation through commercialisation is critical to supporting researchers to take risks, to think creatively and to accelerate the possibilities to take research discoveries from an idea to market.

Our entrepreneurial ecosystem

With our partners, the University fully supports students, staff and academics to translate their research into commercial outcomes that create jobs, contribute to the economy and actively improve people’s lives.

We’ve established a dynamic ecosystem to help researchers and innovators turn their ground-breaking research and ideas into powerful new products, services and companies.

Our People

Our professional staff are experts who can help unlock the potential of research, protect Intellectual Property, source funding and guide researchers, academics and students through the research commercialisation process.


Our culture recognises and values different types of research impact and we aim to make entrepreneurial pathways as straightforward as possible. We encourage academics, researchers, students and alumni from a broad range of disciplines, especially our early career researchers, to explore commercialisation as one of many pathways to create impact.


The University’s programs have been developed to build the entrepreneurial skills our researchers need to translate bold ideas and discoveries into new products, services or companies. The University offers a number of accelerator programs, masterclasses, tools and resources for researchers, academics, students and alumni.


We support major bid development to secure new vital research funding and provide dedicated venture funds to grow strong university startups. Our two startup investment funds support early-stage research commercialisation ideas which increases the speed and potential for those ideas becoming investment-ready startups.


We are experienced in proactively building opportunities to deepen local industry engagement and to expand new and existing partnerships with industry.


Our researchers and students have access to a network of world-class spaces that encourage innovation and collaboration with experts from different institutions, organisations and industries.

Our entrepreneurial directory

Use our directory to search for programs, facilities, and funding provided by the University of Melbourne and by our partners that you may be eligible to access.

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