Startup success stories

We have a rich history of making discoveries and creating innovations that have been transformed into successful products, services and companies. Read about some of our recent University startups.

An AI-powered device for accurate and safe pregnancy monitoring

Kali Healthcare, a University of Melbourne start-up, has developed a new wearable AI-powered device that provides better access to safe and accurate pregnancy monitoring both within the hospital and at home.

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A doctor helps explain to a pregnant woman how the device works

A device supporting early intervention of hearing loss and language delay in infants and children

A game-changing device accelerates intervention in infants and children with hearing and language disorders.

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A medical device returning the power of communication to paralysis patients

University of Melbourne researchers were inspired to found Synchron to develop their world-first device to help severely paralysed patients.

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Digital image close up view of a stentrode

A portable diagnostic system for epilepsy

Successful startup, Seer Medical, was co-founded by University of Melbourne researchers to develop a take home portable diagnostic system for people with epilepsy.

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A screen with a multiple line graph

Bringing clinical trials to regional patients

A new application is using innovative technology to automatically identify patients in general practices across Australia who are eligible for clinical trials.

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A light-skinned doctor types on a laptop in a light-filled office