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Meet the 2023 cohort

On 8 November 2023, we held our first Started @ Melbourne Showcase, hosted by the University of Melbourne Genesis Pre-Seed Fund, in partnership with Breakthrough Victoria and the University of Melbourne.

The event showcased the founders from the University’s first pre-seed startup cohort and celebrated their journeys so far.

The University has invested in seven startups: Carbon Cybernetics, Kali Healthcare, NIRGenie, Tiny Bright Things, Torch Recruit, Melbourne Pollen and Psychae Therapeutics, each with a unique mission to create a profound and lasting impact on the world.

Kali Healthcare

Kali Healthcare is developing a new portable AI-powered pregnancy monitoring system, made up of a small wearable device and sensor patch that can be used at home, providing greater ease of use and access to care for mothers. The company is commercialising IP developed during Dr Emerson Keenan’s PhD in Professor Palaniswami’s laboratory, clinically supervised by Associate Professor Fiona Brownfoot.

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NIRGenie, a Bionics Institute spinout company, has designed and developed a new device, EarGenie, that provides clinicians with information critical to the early intervention of hearing loss and language delay.

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Carbon Cybernetics

Carbon Cybernetics’ vision is to dramatically transform the lives of millions of people suffering from neurological and psychiatric disorders through transformative treatments that enable revolutions in neurology, psychiatry, and patient care. The company is commercialising IP developed in the Faculty of Science.

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Psychae Therapeutics

Psychae Therapeutics is developing pharmaceutical-grade botanically derived medicines and accompanying psychological treatment tools for major mental health conditions including trauma, mood disorders and addiction.

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Melbourne Pollen

Melbourne Pollen (part of the Pollen Service) is the first integrated, Australia-wide service providing access to real-time, location specific air quality information for the millions of Australians sensitive to air hazards such as pollen, pollution and bushfire smoke.

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Tiny Bright Things

Tiny Bright Things offers microscopy tools to enable imaging and measurement down to the nanoscale at lightning speed, enabling whole new fields of discovery and supercharging manufacturing with real-time process insights. Accelerated by an investment round led by Uniseed with the University of Melbourne as a key participant, the company is commercialising IP developed in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.

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Torch Recruit

Torch Recruit is a recruitment software platform designed to simplify and optimise the hiring process for clinical trials. The company is commercialising IP developed in the Department of General Practice and Primary Care in the University of Melbourne's Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences.

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First published on 13 November 2023.

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