Supporting founders

How does Genesis Ventures support founders on their startup journey?

Yes, the fund provides that all-important pre-seed financial investment, but we also have a support ecosystem that is designed to help startups succeed.

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How we help

  • We get startups get operating quickly
  • We provide access the University’s global network of advisors, mentors, alumni and investors
  • We market, promote and amplify startup stories through University of Melbourne’s communication channels
  • We connect startups with their next round of strategic investment partners such as Breakthrough Victoria, Tin Alley Ventures, Uniseed, Biocurate and other University related investors
  • We invest via SAFE to grow value in business – to increase likelihood of raising the next round at higher valuation
  • We lead a syndicate to raise additional funds from co-investors
  • We use University of Melbourne Genesis Pre-Seed Fund investment as matched funding with other investors, funders and programs
  • We provide coaching to help navigate the startup process
  • We boost eligibility for additional growth support through the University’s FastTrack business growth services.

The University of Melbourne Genesis Pre-seed Fund

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First published on 7 November 2023.

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