Accelerating intervention in infants and children with hearing and language disorders

A game-changing device accelerates intervention in infants and children with hearing and language disorders.

NIRGenie, a Bionics Institute spinout company, has designed and developed a new device that provides clinicians with information critical to the early intervention of hearing loss and language delay in infants and children.

Young child wears EarGenie device

EarGenie is a device consisting of proprietary hardware, software and AI using near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) to measure changes in the brain’s oxygenation levels in response to sound stimuli. This allows clinicians to accurately and objectively determine what treatment to administer.

NIRGenie’s founding team at the Bionics Institute are Professor Colette McKay, Translational Hearing Research and Principal Scientist, Dr Julia Wunderlich, audiologist, Dr Darren Mao, engineer, and Dr Gautam Balasubramanian, data scientist. Jeffrey Ng is the inaugural NIRGenie CEO as well as a Venture Creator from the University of Melbourne.

First published on 8 November 2023.

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