Non-invasive biomarker for diabetic neuropathy

A biomarker produced in tears could be used in early diagnosis and monitoring of neuropathy in people with diabetes, in place of current invasive or difficult-to-access diagnostic methods.

Accelerate the development of this diagnostic technology by licensing or direct investment.

The innovation

A more accessible diagnostic tool for early-stage diagnosis and monitoring of peripheral neuropathy in people with diabetes. It can also be used as a companion diagnostic for selection and/or monitoring effectiveness of treatment in patients with diabetic neuropathy.

Market need

Diabetic corneal disease – an early sign of diabetic neuropathy – is a significant clinical problem that affects more than half of people with diabetes. The current gold standard diagnostic procedures are either invasive and not easily repeatable, or require expensive instrumentation and highly trained operators, with limited availability in Australia and overseas.

Innovation status

The proposed technology is a novel biomarker that can be measured in tears with standard immunoassay methods. It can be potentially further developed as a kit used by optometrists and GPs, including in remote areas where access to services can be limited.



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