Investing in University startups

Find out about new ways to invest in University startups

We're always looking to build connections with committed companies and investors who share our vision. We are also proactive in partnering with future-focused investors who want to explore opportunities arising from our world-class research and brightest minds.

With the help of University alumni, industry, entrepreneurs, investors and government stepping up to  support our work, we can grow research commercialisation and the startup economy in Victoria, taking our discoveries to the wider world.

The University announced two new startup investment funds – the University of Melbourne and Breakthrough Victoria's Genesis Pre-Seed Fund and Tin Alley Ventures, supported by our co-investors and partners Tanarra Capital and Breakthrough Victoria.

This makes us the first university in Australia to put in place an end-to-end program supporting access to funds to help our researchers, students, staff, alumni and affiliates grow their ideas and innovations through a supported entrepreneurial pathway.

If you are interested in investing in our University startups, or if you’d like to find out more about investment opportunities, please contact: Hun Gan CEO, University of Melbourne and Breakthrough Victoria's Genesis Pre-Seed Fund.