Negotiating a licence with the University of Melbourne

By licensing our Intellectual Property (IP) and technologies, you can harness research discoveries to solve business challenges.

What steps do you need to take to get a licence?

The University wants to generate the greatest impact and return from its IP, so we consider all research translation and commercialisation options and choose those with the most significant impact.

We usually ask a potential licensee to submit a plan outlining how they will further develop the technology and deliver the end product or service to market.

This generally includes plans for:

  • Regulatory approvals
  • Sales and marketing
  • Support and training
  • Clear development and commercialisation milestones.

It might also include:

  • Contracting some development work back to the University,
  • Continued research and technical support from the University.

You might also need a confidential disclosure agreement. This allows the University to share unpublished details of the IP or technology. It also enables you, as the prospective licensee, to share your development plan.

Based on the information above, and any discussions, you might then negotiate a term sheet. This will form the basis of a licence agreement. The term sheet is usually drafted by the University.

Evaluating the IP before negotiating a licence

An Evaluation Licence will allow the prospective licensee to use the University’s IP based on certain conditions:

  • Within a specific field
  • For internal, non-commercial research
  • For a certain period of time.

It might also include an option agreement to license the IP after the evaluation is complete.

Our standard licence terms

If you’re planning to negotiate a licence with the University of Melbourne, see our General Licence Agreement Terms (PDF).

Who can help you get a licence?

If you’ve identified a specific University IP or technology of interest, please get in touch with the person listed in the licensing opportunity description or contact the University’s Knowledge and Technology Transfer team. Email