Foundations of Wellbeing

Accelerate the development of this online wellbeing program for the workplace  through licensing or direct investment. This evidence-based online wellbeing program is designed to improve employee engagement, enjoyment and productivity at work.   

The innovation

Foundations of Wellbeing is an evidence-based proactive and preventative program that enhances employee wellbeing via behavioural and implementation sciences. It’s delivered through 10 online modules over 10 weeks that support participants to learn and practice wellbeing and resilience skills that build their engagement and enjoyment at work.

Market need

Research has found that a majority of Australians don’t like their job or are stressed at work and lack motivation and job satisfaction. This affects employee wellbeing and company productivity. Employees want to work for organisations that value and support their wellbeing, so organisations and companies that recognise this will be more productive and resilient.

Innovation status

Successfully piloted in 2021 to major corporates including a multi-national food franchise and an Australian public plumbing company. More extensive validation of the program across multiple sectors using different formats will continue to strengthen the program. The next iteration  – Wellbeing Leadership – is in the pipeline and there are plans to reach $A5 million in revenue by the end of 2024.


Carlie Rogers
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