Accelerate the development of this practically-focused wellbeing program through licensing or direct investment. Bio-Dash is a practical and engaging wellbeing program that equips individuals to self-manage their mental health using evidence-based strategies and personal feedback. 

The innovation

Bio-Dash is an evidenced-based wellbeing and optimal performance education program. It uses biofeedback to illustrate the mind-body connection. It’s designed to personalise individual strategies to enhance wellbeing and manage everyday anxiety.

Market need

Australia has a high incidence of mental health issues with one in five people having experienced symptoms in the past 12 months. Poor mental health can negatively impact many life domains: education, work, relationships and physical health and performance.

It has been estimated that mental health issues cost the Australian economy up to $A60 billion dollars annually in health care, lost productivity and other costs. In addition, access to professional mental health services is limited due to high demand and the stigma some people associate with seeking help.

Innovation status

Bio-Dash is a teacher-facilitated wellbeing program for high school students with more than 35 online modules covering six wellbeing themes. Versions of the program are planned for workplaces, universities, sports organisations and the performing arts sector. We seek partners who are willing to invest resources to tailor Bio-Dash for your organisation.


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