ADMiER: Acoustically-Driven Microfluidic Extensional Rheometry 

ADMiER reduces the time required to diagnose dry eye disease from an estimated 18 minutes of chair-time to just three minutes. Help us enhance clinical outcomes for patients with more accurate disease characterisation through licensing. 

The innovation

An in-vitro diagnostic device to identify and subtype dry eye disease from a microlitre tear droplet. ADMiER is simple to use, rapid, inexpensive and highly accurate. Ninety-two per cent of patients tested with ADMiER preferred it to standard clinical tests.

Market need

Dry eye affects one in five adults. It’s the most common indication for medical eye care in developed countries, with societal costs estimated at $US5 billion a year in the US alone.

Eye care clinicians struggle to diagnose dry eye disease with current clinical methods. As a result, up to 80 per cent of diagnoses will be inaccurate and lacking essential details about the dry eye disease subtype to inform treatment.

Innovation status

This technology is predicted to have a major impact on enhanced clinical diagnostics for dry eye in ophthalmic practice. It provides optometrists a novel approach for assessing teal film integrity for clinical diagnosis and monitoring of dry eye disease.



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