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We have a variety of spaces, tools and support to conduct your research. When you arrive, we'll introduce you to our libraries, study spaces and IT support so you can make the most of our facilities. We also provide an orientation for graduate researchers new to the University.

Study spaces

As a full-time graduate researcher, you will be provided with access to a workspace and desk.

Part-time graduate researchers will have access to a workspace, and at least shared use of a desk. Meanwhile, there are many comfortable and inspiring places to study across our campuses.

The Graduate Centre

The Graduate Centre at our Parkville campus includes a variety of study spaces as well as computer labs, lockers and meeting rooms. You can obtain 24-hour access to the centre. Contact the  Graduate Student Association for more information.

Library study spaces

The University's libraries all have study spaces, computers, rooms and group study spaces.

The Baillieu Library has dedicated study spaces for graduate students. There are also four graduate study rooms in the Baillieu Library, which can be booked for two-hour periods.

Faculty study spaces

Many graduate schools and departments also have dedicated study spaces available to you.

IT support

Our Student IT team can assist you with IT needs, like connecting to the University networks and using our applications.

Student IT is located at various libraries across our campuses. And you can chat with them online too.

Printing services

You can print easily from your own device or from a University computer across our campuses.

We have printers available in every major University library. In addition to printing, you can scan and photocopy documents.

The Graduate Centre also has scanning, copying and printing services.

Our responsibilities to you

See principles for infrastructure support for detailed information on the responsibilities we have to support you throughout your research.

First published on 16 February 2022.

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