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The future of impact

The 'Future of Impact' symposium was held on 15 November, 2023.

Graphic recorder Zahra Zainal attended to visually capture the panel discussions throughout the day, download here. Audio recordings are also available below.

The importance of impact

Building a culture of research impact is vital to ensure our discoveries and ideas actually change and improve the world around us.

Whether it’s finding new ways to solve problems, advancing technology or helping communities, the conscious pursuit of impactful research is essential to ensure research findings and outputs ultimately create meaningful and positive changes within society.

Designed for the local research community – including academics and professional research staff – the symposium will delve into a range of important topics pertinent to the evolution of research impact within Australia.

Panel Sessions

1. The impact agenda, an international perspective - national policy settings in Australia and elsewhere
Host: Professor Mark Hargreaves
Panel: Professor Anne Kelso, Professor Susan Dodds, Dr David Phipps

Listen to the session here

2. Building and sustaining a culture of research impact
Host: Dr David Phipps
Panel: Dr Wade Kelly, Professor Jo Barraket, Ken Knight

Listen to the session here

3. Capturing the evidence of engagement and impact: threat or opportunity
Host: Jim Lewis
Panel: Professor Abigail Payne, Professor Richard Vella, Michelle Duryea

Listen to the session here

4. Beyond the narrative. Impact as not just ‘icing on the cake’
Host: Dr Wade Kelly
Panel: Professor Lisa Grocott, Professor Aaron Corn, Keira Lowther

Listen to the session here

5. The future of research impact in Australia (and beyond)
Host: Professor Jenny Lewis
Panel: Professor Lisa Given, Dr Kate Williams, Andrew Wear

Listen to the session here

Making an impact

Research leads to real benefits for the economy, the environment and animal and human health – helping to address humanity’s biggest challenges. Read more about the impact arising from research by the University of Melbourne and its collaborators