Joint PhD opportunities

We are currently recruiting joint PhD candidates to join the Priestley Scholars. Each supervisory team oversees one project which may have The University of Melbourne or the University of Birmingham as the home institution.

Candidates spend a minimum of 12 months at both universities, providing a multidisciplinary cohort experience with other Priestley Scholars.

Joint PhD candidates will benefit from the collective resources, networks and expertise of supervisors at The University of Melbourne and the University of Birmingham. Funding for each candidate will include tuition fees, a full living allowance (stipend), health insurance and travel allowance. At the successful completion of the program, each candidate will be eligible to receive a PhD, recognised by testamurs from each of the two universities.

To apply, decide on which projects below pique your interest and head to the how to apply page for details on the next steps.

First published on 31 August 2022.

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