Jerusalem - Melbourne Joint PhD

Experience the best of Israeli and Australian research with the Jerusalem - Melbourne Joint PhD

The Jerusalem - Melbourne Joint PhD (JM - JPhD) is an international research training group dedicated to fostering exchange and collaboration between the University of Melbourne and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI). The program consists of researchers and joint PhD candidates from the two universities who work together to deliver high-quality research outcomes.

With the opportunity to spend at least 12-months at each university, candidates in the Jerusalem - Melbourne Joint PhD program can immerse themselves thoroughly into the unique research cultures of Israel and Australia. Candidates will also receive mentorship from field experts, access to professional development events and be a part of a vibrant network of leading researchers.

Our partner: the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, founded in 1918 and opened officially in 1925, is Israel’s premier university as well as its leading research institution. The Hebrew University strives for excellence, an integral element in its academic life. Its outstanding scholars have achieved impressive breakthroughs in a variety of disciplines, and it is among the very top winners of the European Research Council’s competitive grants to young researchers. One-third of all competitive research grants awarded in Israel are won by HUJI scholars.

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Joint PhD opportunity

Motivational strength and emotion regulation

Being able to influence our emotions successfully is critical for psychological wellbeing. Although research has uncovered some factors contributing to successful emotion regulation, much remains unknown. How strongly motivated people are to change their emotions is key to successful emotion regulation. This project seeks to explore further the relationship between motivational strength and emotion regulation through separate lab-based experiments studying healthy adults and patients diagnosed with clinical depression.

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By working across two different labs, I have been exposed to different research styles and new ideas have developed through collaborative thinking.Caoimhe Moran Jerusalem - Melbourne Joint PhD candidate

Project spotlight

Scalable computational cognitive models of the bilingual lexicon

Learning a second language is a major cognitive effort, yet humans can reliably learn languages other than their primary language with remarkable success. Decades of research have revealed that learning a second language can subtly shift how a person communicates. This project will leverage machine learning and natural language processing methods, as well as the availability of large-scale naturalistic data sets of learner language, to explore how bilingual individuals develop their vocabulary.

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Meet our academic lead

Professor Steven Prawer is the academic lead of the Jerusalem – Melbourne Joint PhD program. He is a Professor of Physics in the School of Physics, as well as a Director of the Melbourne Materials Institute in the Faculty of Science. He has a worldwide reputation in advanced diamond science and technology with over 30 years of experience and over 390 scientific publications. A particular focus of his research has been the merging of the areas of nanoscience and neuroscience to push the boundaries of bionic devices.

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First published on 31 August 2022.

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