BioInspiration webinar series: Sustainable materials inspired by nature


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Watch the first conversation in our BioInspiration webinar series, on the theme of Sustainable Materials Inspired by Nature.

Learn about super materials, like underwater super-glues inspired by barnacles. And extra-hard materials made from only protein and sugars – without minerals – inspired by squid teeth. And super strong but elastic materials inspired by marine snail egg cases and hagfish slime!

The webinar features the following speakers, in conversation with experienced moderator and Science alum, Dr Jennifer Henry:

  • Associate Professor Ali Miserez, who heads the Biological and Biomimetic Materials Laboratory at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University
  • Professor Devi Stuart-Fox and Professor Mark Elgar, our very own co-chairs of the BioInspiration Hallmark Research Initiative.

Watch the recorded webinar

First published on 9 May 2022.

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