BioInspiration webinar series: Medical devices


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Watch the third webinar in our BioInspiration series, with the topic of Biomimicry in Next-generation Medical Applications.

In this talk, we reveal the potential of biomimicry and bioengineering to revolutionise medical devices and diagnostics.

Guest panelists:

  • Dr Georgina Such, head of the Functional Materials Laboratory at the University of Melbourne, whose work focuses on nanoparticles to deliver vaccines and drugs
  • Dr Anna Waterhouse, head of the Cardiovascular Medical Devices Group and a Robinson Fellow at the University of Sydney, who uses biomimetic approaches to improve medical devices and diagnostics.

The conversation is facilitated by Dr Daniel Heath, a biomedical engineer whose own research focuses on developing next-generation biomaterials for medical devices.

Watch the recorded webinar

First published on 9 May 2022.

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