Indigenous Perspectives on Decolonial Futures


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This presentation explored key scholarship on Western culture, colonisation and modern societies as well as Indigenous worldviews, perspectives and philosophies. Decolonial approaches and actions that flow from this scholarship will also be considered, along with potential emergent decolonial futures. This event took place on Tuesday 3 May 2022.


Professor Yin Paradies is an Aboriginal-Asian-Anglo Australian of the Wakaya people from the Gulf of Carpentaria. He is Chair in Race Relations at Deakin university. He conducts research on the health, social and economic effects of racism as well as anti-racism theory, policy and practice across diverse settings, including online, in workplaces, schools, universities, housing, the arts, sports and health. He also teaches and undertakes research in Indigenous knowledges and decolonisation. Yin is an anarchist radical scholar and climate / ecological activist who is committed to understanding and interrupting the devastating impacts of modern societies. He seeks meaningful mutuality of becoming and embodied kinship with all life through transformed ways of knowing, being and doing that are grounded in wisdom, humility, respect, generosity, down-shifted collective sufficiency, voluntary simplicity, frugality, direct participation and radical localisation.

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First published on 7 June 2022.

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