Imagining an anti-racist future


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We live in an era where race, ethnicity and cultural identity determine group and individual place and experience in society. Notions of the declining significance of race and predictions of emerging post-racial democratic society have failed to materialise. In fact, the last two decades have shown us that racism and resurgent nationalism remain persistent sources of intolerance, division, and inequalities. Bodies of scholarship across wide-ranging fields have reported the pervasiveness of interpersonal and structural racism in many western countries. Racial, ethnic, and cultural minorities experience disproportionate adversities in health, education, employment, housing, consumer and credit markets, and criminal justice. In this talk Dr Amanual Elias reflects on research undertaken in the last seven years, and discusses findings on the nature, structure, and impact of racism in the Australian context. He then reflects on anti-racism, and some emerging thoughts about a holistic approach towards tackling and dismantling racism.


Dr Amanual Elias is a Research Fellow in the Alfred Deakin Institute at Deakin University.

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