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Established by the University of Melbourne and the University of Manchester, the Melbourne and Manchester Graduate Research Group is an international research collective comprised of researchers and joint PhD candidates from both universities. Collaborative research teams investigate issues in a variety of areas across the sciences and the humanities.

Candidates who are part of the Melbourne and Manchester Graduate Research Group receive an immersive experience alongside a diverse and motivated cohort of researchers. They are mentored by global experts, learn how to adapt to new cultural and research environments, and gain access to the best facilities and resources at both universities. Researchers with the group can also receive greater access to funding opportunities, including several grants and scholarships.

The Joint PhD experience has been fantastic. Despite lockdown rules forcing a more virtual experience, I have a great team with extremely supportive supervisors

Ching Yi Wu
Melbourne and Manchester Graduate Research Group joint PhD candidate

Project spotlight story: The use and misuse of market research by creative economy entrepreneurs

The creative economy encompasses industries such as advertising, architecture, the arts, design, designer fashion, film, interactive leisure software, television and more. The creative economy is a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity, with many startups in the field finding great success. However, as a whole, failure rates for new ventures in the creative economy remain high. This is the case despite the heavy use of market research and market validation methods amongst entrepreneurs in this field. After all, proving that customers want your product is a fundamental principle of entrepreneurship. But why is this the case? This project aims to achieve a multi-disciplinary and multi-method understanding of how creative economy entrepreneurs and corporate innovators use (and omit) market research in the creative economy.

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University of Manchester

Our Partner: The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is a leading public research university located in Manchester, the United Kingdom. With roots in the civic university movement of the 19th century, it is today a part of the Russell Group of universities in the UK. Social impact is the core driver of research at the University. It is ranked first in the world in the Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings 2021 and its five research beacons – advanced materials, biotechnology, cancer, energy and global inequalities – are formulated around the world’s most pressing challenges. The University of Manchester has a rich research heritage overall, having produced 25 Nobel Laureates from its faculty and student base.

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Meet our academic lead

Dr Suzie Sheehy is the academic lead of the Melbourne and Manchester Graduate Research Group. She is a physicist, academic and science communicator based at the University of Melbourne, where she is a Senior Lecturer in Accelerator Physics and at the University of Oxford, where she holds a Royal Society University Research Fellowship. Dr Sheehy’s research focuses on developing new particle accelerators for future applications in areas such as medicine and energy.

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