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Knowledge, discovery and impact

From Indigenous knowledge to artificial intelligence, from climate change to cultural preservation. Research at the University of Melbourne is adding to human knowledge and understanding so that society can thrive. It is also translating discovery into meaningful, practical impact to benefit all of us.

We value research as a fundamental form of learning. Empowered by a sense of place, and the people we work with. Success requires collaboration, not just between scholars, but with community, industry and government.

Explore the precincts, people, platforms and multidisciplinary research bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise – and pushing forward the boundaries of knowledge.

William Blake, America. A Prophecy, Plate 3, "Preludium, 1793. Blue print, pen, black ink and watercolor on cream-colored paper

Research spotlight: William Blake

An examination of William Blake’s poetry, paintings and prose, alongside items such as his letters and notebooks, gives new insight into his views on sexuality, creativity and social justice.

In contrast to many studies of the work of Blake, Professor Peter Otto focuses on the importance of Blake’s progressive ideas, giving us insight into what it is to be human in the modern world.

Discover more about Blake

Multidisciplinary research

To solve humanity’s biggest challenges, research must embrace the unexpected through multidisciplinary collaboration.

It is here that researchers, industry, community and government can translate knowledge and discovery into advances in sustainability, global resilience, health, and economic and social empowerment.

Explore Hallmark and Interdisciplinary Research Initiatives, and research networks.

Just some of the places where vital research is happening every day.

Melbourne Energy Institute

Melbourne Energy Institute

MEInetwork is a unique program that gives participants a comprehensive view of the energy sector as it faces the challenges of reliability, affordability, and reducing emissions as new generating and digital service delivery technologies emerge.

close up of iridescent peacock feathers


The Bioinspiration HRI works with institutes and industry partners to find bioinspired solutions to technological and design challenges.

Discovery & Impact

Hallmark Research Initiatives

Today’s biggest challenges can’t be solved by one research discipline alone. This is why our Hallmark Research Initiatives exist. They bring together researchers from across the University to work on some of the most pressing local and global problems, including:

  • affordable housing for Australian communities
  • environmental sustainability in the building industry
  • sustainable food creation for a growing population

Importantly, the initiatives connect researchers with industry, government and not-for profit organisations in Australia and internationally. In turn, they challenge current thinking and offer new solutions to change our world.

Explore our Hallmark Research Initiatives to learn more and to connect with an individual initiative.

Two women stading facing a colourful street mural

Creativity and Wellbeing

The Creativity and Wellbeing Hallmark Research Initiative is uncovering ways that creativity can help people live happier and healthier lives.

pieces of cheese, fruit and vegetables cut into squares and arranged in a checkerboard pattern

Future Food

The Future Food initiative nurtures interdisciplinary research in the area of sustainable and healthy protein production.

close up of iridescent peacock feathers


The Bioinspiration HRI works with institutes and industry partners to find bioinspired solutions to technological and design challenges.

A mum sitting on the couch with her baby and toddler looking at an ipad

Affordable Housing

The Affordable Housing initiative is working across disciplines to create new insights into the supply of affordable housing

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