Graduate researcher experience

The University's graduate researchers are a diverse and inspiring group of people, each following their own pathway to a PhD at the University of Melbourne. Often these individual stories and perspectives influence the choice of research topic. They also enrich the experience of others at the University.

Upon completion, you never know where your PhD might take you. It will prepare you for a career in research, but it can lead to many other places, including work in the private, government and not-for-profit sectors. Some of our researchers take research positions in Australia or globally. Others join the private sector as specialist tech innovators, consultants, or managers. And others run businesses or work for large consultancies.

Explore their stories.

Life as a graduate researcher

Portrait of a woman on a gradient background

Life as a graduate researcher: Helena Roennfeldt

Helena Roennfeldt’s lived experience of the mental health system is informing her PhD research. She is making space for people to talk about their own mental health crises, so these insights can shape new solutions.

Life after graduate research

Headshot of Dr Susie Seibt

Life after research: Dr Susi Seibt

Find out what it’s like to undertake a joint PhD in Germany and Australia. Learn how an international joint PhD can shape your career and your life choices.

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Your study experience

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PhD Programs

Learn more about the University of Melbourne’s interdisciplinary PhD programs. These programs help to broaden your networks and enhance your career prospects.