Phenomics Australia Histopathology and Slide Scanning Service

The Phenomics Australia Histopathology and Slide Scanning Service is the only service of its kind in Australia. Staff and consultants have the expertise and skills to provide a thorough morphological evaluation of variant or treated mouse strains. The service assists in validating mouse models of human disease and therefore current and future therapeutic opportunities.

Our services include:

  • Necropsy and full body histopathology evaluation
  • Mouse neonate and embryo evaluation
  • Detailed histology, pathology and neuropathology commentary
  • Tissue scoring and grading
  • Macroscopic/microscopic image documents
  • Blood analysis reporting
  • Blood and bone marrow smear evaluation
  • Slide scanning
  • Secure, online access to all digitised images and reports
  • X-ray imaging of mouse skeletal structures
  • Commentary by veterinary and medical pathologists

We also work on highly specialised biomedical research projects.

We have provided support to over 150 Australian researchers across 30 biomedical research facilities. We worked with Professor Graeme Clark and Cochlear Industries to provide the histopathology evaluation and high-resolution images of the inner ear of the first cochlear implant recipient, 28 years after the operation. The donated cochlear of the deceased implant recipient was so highly valuable and rare, it required the platform’s expert services to examine and process.

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Case study

Identifying a new polymyxin for antibiotic drug development

Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute scientists found a new antibiotic, helped by the Phenomics Australia Histopathology and Slide Scanning Service.

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Image of polymixin under mircroscope


Our resources include:

  • Consultant veterinary and medical pathologists
  • Skilled mouse pathobiologists
  • Digital slide scanners (brightfield)
  • User-friendly web-based interface (SlideCenter) for online access to high-resolution images and reports with more than 100 registered users
  • Mouse necropsy facility.

User information

The platform is open to researchers Australia-wide on a fee-for-service basis.

Other platforms

We work closely with the Melbourne Histology Platform.

Contact us

Tina Cardamone
+61 3 8344 8044
Professor Janet Keast (Head)

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Banner image: Microscopic view of mouse thyroid glands. Image by Tina Cardamone/Phenomics Australia Histopathology Service