Melbourne Data Analytics Platform (MDAP)

MDAP is a team of research data and software experts enabling data-intensive, data-informed, and collaborative research.

As academic specialists, the MDAP team works with researchers and partners at all stages of the research lifecycle – from research design and data collection to data analysis, visualisation, and interpretation.

We provide the necessary tools and resources to ensure STEM and HASS researchers can conduct leading-edge data science research. With a diverse range of backgrounds, we are uniquely placed to support interdisciplinary collaboration and research impact.

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Capabilities and expertise

  • Data-intensive and informed research collaboration
  • HPC, cloud computing and digital infrastructure
  • Natural language processing, AI and machine learning
  • Data collection, analysis, data management and curation
  • Image and video processing
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Data visualisation
  • Software and web development
  • Research study design and data stewardship
  • Advice on research software, computing, and data storage tools.

User information

We offer two primary streams of engagement:

  • Collaborations: an allocation scheme for formal collaborative research projects lasting at least 3–9 months, with an annual open call for applications.
  • Researcher-funded engagements, consultancy, expert advice, advocacy and involvement in shorter-term research projects.

Collaborations, advice and consultancy are offered free of charge to University of Melbourne researchers and graduate researchers.

Other platforms

The platform can be used in conjunction with:

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Further information can also be found on the Research Gateway, which is available to all University of Melbourne academic and honorary staff, graduate researchers and professional staff. Please note, to access the Research Gateway, you will need to login with your University of Melbourne username and password.

Andrew Siebel, Platform Manager
+61 3 8344 0707

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