Funding to develop your idea

Our program of end-to-end investment provides support for researchers through all stages of the research commercialisation process.

Our commitment

The University is committed to helping our world-leading researchers transform their discoveries and innovations into commercial reality.

In conjunction with our investment partners – Tanarra Capital and Breakthrough Victoria – our comprehensive program of end-to-end investment and funding provides important financial support throughout all stages of the research commercialisation process.

Too often, research discoveries falter on the path to sustained societal impact due to lack of funding and expert commercial advice. Our funding options offer consistent support to researchers, from an early-stage idea development through to a successful business with positive societal impact.

Our core funds

Proof of Concept Fund

The Proof of Concept Fund helps researchers assess the potential to translate their early research discovery into a viable commercialisation project or startup. It supports ideas at their very earliest stage of development.

Funding ranges from $A10,000 to $A100,000 and is available to researchers employed by the University, or collaborative research projects where University researchers undertake more than 50 per cent of the work.

Researchers need to have a novel product, process or service to commercialise – for profit or as a social enterprise.

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University of Melbourne and Breakthrough Victoria's Genesis Pre-Seed Fund

The University of Melbourne and Breakthrough Victoria's Genesis Pre-Seed Fund backs early-stage startups with high potential, so researchers can take their innovation to a point where their startup is attractive to seed and funding partners. Up to 20 per cent of the fund can be invested in social purpose ventures.

Breakthrough Victoria, an independent Victorian Government-owned company, is the University's equal partner and co-investor in this Fund.

Learn more about the UoM/BV Genesis Pre-Seed Fund

Tin Alley Ventures

Tin Alley Ventures Fund backs investment-ready, University-affiliated startups from seed stage through to exit.

The Fund helps startups grow their team, develop commercial grade products or services, target customers and access investor global networks to take their startup to the next level.

It’s a joint venture with the University run by investment firm, Tanarra Capital, with funding raised predominantly from external investors.

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BioCurate identifies promising biomedical research discoveries of potential value to the bio-pharmaceutical sector.

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Uniseed helps researchers from our partner research organisations, including the University, turn their ideas into products and services.

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Other University related funding relationships

As a University researcher, you may be eligible to access additional funding to develop your idea through faculty innovation funds and from our investment partners including UniSeed, the IP Group, BioCurate and Brandon BioCatalyst.

IP Group

IP Group works with partner universities to develop deep technology research with commercial potential.

Learn more about IP Group

Brandon BioCatalyst

Brandon BioCatalyst transform biomedical research discoveries into new medical products.

Learn more about Brandon BioCatalyst


Skalata aims help founders build the next generation of great companies.

Learn more about Skalata

Main Sequence Ventures

Main Sequence was founded by CSIRO to combine cutting edge scientific discoveries with the world's biggest challenges to build the next generation of global companies.

Learn more about Main Sequence Ventures

First published on 7 March 2023.

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