Graduate research internships

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Information for industry

Engage with Australia’s top PhD and Research Masters candidates via a short term (minimum 60 days) research internship.

The University of Melbourne’s graduate research internship program enables organisations of all kinds, including government, NGOs and private enterprises, to gain access to high-calibre researchers from all disciplines through a short-term research internship.

Information for graduate researchers

Benefits to your organisation

  • Gain specialist knowledge to solve your organisation’s R&D challenges
  • Build your recruitment pipeline and ‘road-test’ potential employees
  • Strengthen connections with the University and the research community
  • Support the professional development of the research leaders of tomorrow

How it works – the process at a glance

  1. Provide a research project proposal to the University that broadly outlines the research problem to be solved or expertise required.
  2. Your proposed project will be advertised to the University’s powerhouse pool of over 5000 graduate research candidates.
  3. Conduct recruitment activities and select your preferred applicant. Successful interns will be matched with an academic mentor who will provide them with scholarly guidance during the project.
  4. Negotiate the project parameters, the specific R&D activities to be undertaken, and the duration of the internship, with the successful applicant and their academic mentor.
  5. Your organisation and the University sign a standard Letter Agreement.
  6. Your organisation will be invoiced for the program fee and, following payment, the internship can commence.
  7. You will provide day-to-day supervision of the candidate during the internship.

Insurance and agreements

Your organisation will be required to sign a standard Letter Agreement prior to the commencement of the internship. The Letter Agreement specifies that the graduate researcher will be covered by the University's insurance program for the duration of the internship. The agreement also outlines terms and conditions, including the assigning of intellectual property (IP), which typically remains with the industry partner, while background IP is retained by the relevant party.

Project costs

The University of Melbourne delivers internships in partnership with APR.Intern, which is Australia’s only national PhD and Research Masters internship program spanning all sectors and disciplines. The cost of engaging a candidate is detailed here.

Organisations can access a discount by bringing internship opportunities directly to the University, to enable us to source a suitable candidate for your needs.

Getting started

Do you have a research project that may be appropriate for a graduate research internship? Contact the Graduate Research Internships team for further information.

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