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Discover how we can work together to grow your organisation and create a better future.

Working together to solve significant challenges

We bring together the best minds to find new opportunities and to solve challenges that matter.  New research discoveries will help your organisation and benefit society.

Our experience covers everything from established organisations through to entrepreneurial start-ups and community groups. And our research expertise covers every discipline. This means we can work across all sectors of the economy, society and the environment.

As a partner, you'll access the latest University research, technologies and intellectual property. You can use our research infrastructure, including bespoke platforms. Along the way, you’ll meet researchers who may become your life-long collaborators or even join your workforce.

Work with us to find better ways of doing things.

black and white display of brain waves during an epileptic seizure

Case study: Detecting epileptic seizures with an implantable device

Epi-Minder has raised $A10 million to develop an implantable device to detect and predict epileptic seizures. University of Melbourne researchers founded the company in 2018. The device is now undergoing a clinical trial.

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Research at Melbourne

Tackling the global questions and challenges of our age means thinking differently. Explore how research is leading to a deep understanding of the world and other benefits for the economy, health and the environment.

University of Melbourne Advancement


University of Melbourne Advancement aims to facilitate mutually beneficial relationships between the University and its alumni, friends and benefactors.

Industry precincts

Industry precincts facilitate innovation through collaboration. They are places where experts collocate and share ideas. And where investors support the path to commercialisation.

Melbourne Connect is one of the University's purpose-built innovation precincts. This new precinct will bring together the digital expertise of leading researchers and industry leaders. It will redefine how businesses, researchers, government and entrepreneurs work together to solve the most pressing future challenges.

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An artists impression of the new Melbourne Connect lobby

Ways of working with us

There are many ways you can work with us, including:

  • licensing existing technology or intellectual property
  • applying for a research grant
  • collaborating on your strategic research projects
  • recruiting graduates and PhD candidates
  • accessing tailored executive education programs for your organisation.

Bring your ideas to us and we will match you with the right people.

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Professional development

Explore lifelong learning opportunities at the University. Your options include one-off seminars through to full-time graduate courses.

Find an expert

Do you need an expert to help solve a challenge for your business or organisation, or give insight to a current issue? Use the University's Find an Expert tool to search for the best researcher for the job.

Find an expert

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Are you looking to work with the University?  We've prepared a convenient summary that answers the questions you and your team might ask to help you decide on your next steps.  It also includes case studies that show how we've helped other organisations to achieve their goals.

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