Migration, Statelessness and Refugee Studies PhD Program


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The Migration, Statelessness and Refugee Studies PhD Program is a supplementary learning opportunity to enrich your graduate research experience. The program offers an opportunity to share your research with other disciplines and expand your peer network.

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The Migration, Statelessness and Refugee Studies PhD Program is delivered by the Melbourne Social Equity Institute at the University of Melbourne.

This interdisciplinary program will enrich your PhD experience by creating a strong intellectual community. You will work with others who share a passion for discovering new knowledge in this area. You will engage with researchers from other disciplines across the University. And you will connect with relevant external organisations.

These connections will allow you to:

  • consider your research from the perspective of others
  • develop your research in reference to current real-world challenges
  • enhance your career prospects.

During the program, you will attend masterclasses, workshops and seminars. There will be a focus on ethics and research methods. And you will learn how to communicate your research to diverse audiences.


When you join our PhD Program, you’ll receive extra targeted support to further develop your career. You can access this support in the form of:

  • regular seminars
  • specialised workshops
  • potential mentoring opportunities
  • possible placements and internships.

Graduate researchers

Graduate researchers enrolled in this PhD Program come from schools and faculties across the University of Melbourne. They are conducting research in areas as diverse as law, education, architecture, fine arts and population health.

Graduate researchers pursue a wide range of PhD thesis topics, including:

  • The right to be counted for people with disabilities who are refugees or from refugee backgrounds
  • Understanding second-generation African Australian students from refugee backgrounds in the classroom
  • Exploring alcohol and other drug use among young people of migrant backgrounds in Victoria
  • Syria's changing statelessness landscape
  • The city as group agent in global migration governance
  • Resilience and sense of identity among refugee children
  • Governance and responsibility in the refugee crisis in Germany
  • Continental European architects who migrated to Victoria between 1930 and 1940
  • Who is a Liberian anyway? The claim for formalised identity by diasporic Liberians
  • Sports participation, social capital and health for refugee and migrant teenage girls
  • The role of international NGOs and grassroots civil society actors in advocating on behalf of asylum seekers and refugees in Indonesia.


The Migration, Statelessness and Refugee Studies PhD Program is open to doctoral researchers in any faculty. To join, you must:

  • have at least one supervisor based at the University of Melbourne
  • have commenced doctoral research in relation to migration, refugee studies or statelessness.

We call for applications to join the program twice each year. This is usually in January and July. To discuss joining outside these times, please get in touch.

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First published on 22 February 2022.

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