Infection and Immunity PhD Program


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The Infection and Immunity PhD Program is a supplementary learning opportunity to enrich your graduate research experience. The program offers an opportunity to share your research with other disciplines and expand your peer network.

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This PhD Program is a supplementary learning opportunity that will enrich your PhD experience. As a participant, you will work with others who share a passion for discovering new knowledge about infection and immunity. On this program, you will:

  • learn from global leaders in infection and immunity
  • access high-calibre scientists and facilities
  • work in an environment where discovery research meets diagnosis and surveillance
  • work with experts in infectious diseases, epidemiology, genomics and more.

The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity delivers this PhD program. The institute is a joint venture between the University of Melbourne and the Royal Melbourne Hospital. You may join this program if you are:

  • a graduate researcher at the Doherty Institute
  • enrolled in a PhD at the University of Melbourne.

The Doherty Institute is home to high-quality discovery research. It has large diagnostic operations in virology and bacteriology. So, the institute can provide vast research training opportunities in many areas, including:

  • epidemiology
  • clinical and translational research
  • infectious diseases surveillance
  • outbreak investigations.

As a program participant, you will access first-class research training in your primary discipline. And you can supplement this with extra workshops, seminars and potential internships. Our key partners in biopharmaceutical-linked industries provide these extra training opportunities. These connections will assist with future employment opportunities, beyond the pure research environment.


Graduate researchers in the Infection and Immunity PhD Program have access to a wide range of workshops. Examples include:

  • scientific writing and communication
  • project management
  • PhD management – organise your time efficiently
  • intellectual property
  • business and accounting
  • immunology data presentation series
  • CV and interview preparation
  • data management.

You will also attend events such as:

  • Meet the Industry Experts
  • Doherty Institute Seminar Series


To take part, you must be enrolled in a PhD at the University of Melbourne, and based at the Doherty Institute.

When you join the program, you will remain enrolled in your current department.

You can join the PhD Program at any time during your candidature. You will remain part of the program until you complete your research degree.

If you’re a current University of Melbourne PhD candidate

  • Talk with your supervisor about participating.
  • Contact the PhD Program Officer.

If you want to apply for a PhD with the University of Melbourne

First published on 21 February 2022.

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