To shape minds is a privilege and a responsibility. Education has the power to transform lives - it improves social and economic outcomes and increases personal wellbeing.

As a graduate researcher in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE), you’ll join a talented community of education researchers. You’ll share your journey with others who are inspired to grow our understandings and expand our knowledge. And you’ll be guided and supported by supervisors who are experts in their field.

Learn how we're making a difference

Pioneering research in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education is influencing education in Australia. We’re shaping policy and curriculum, from early childhood through to year 12 and beyond. Through research, we have discovered how to:

We’re also learning more about what makes a great teacher. And we’ve discovered that teachers with a strong belief in their own ability make the biggest impact.

Collaborate with other disciplines

As a graduate researcher, you can also work with researchers from other disciplines, which will help you reflect on the world in different ways. Depending on the topic, you might work with fine arts and music, economics or law experts. Related education initiatives and institutes include:

Graduate researchers also have access to many other interdisciplinary research opportunities across the University, including PhD Programs.

Engage with industry

You’ll have the chance to collaborate with schools in the community and beyond. Through our partnership program, you’ll access mentors and professional learning opportunities. You’ll expand your networks and enhance your career prospects.

Next steps

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