The Cookson Scholars Conference 2023

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What is the Cookson Scholars Conference?

The Cookson Scholars joint PhD program is part of an international research partnership between the University of Melbourne and the University of Manchester. The first conference will be held virtually from Wednesday 8-Thursday 9 February 2023. Graduate Researchers in the Joint PhD program represent a diverse range of faculties from across the two institutions. For this conference they will deliver their research findings to-date in concise, accessible presentations.

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Wednesday 8 February 2023

  • 18:30 AEDT/ 7:30 GMT - Day 1 Opening address

    Dr Kevin Li, Chair Cookson Scholars Conference 2023 Organising Comittee, will introduce the first conference for the Joint PhD program

    Professor Justin Zobel, Pro Vice-Chancellor Graduate & International Research, UoM, will deliver the opening address.

18:45 AEDT/ 7:45 GMT Graduate Researcher Presentations

Each presentation will be 10 minutes long followed by an additional 5 minutes for Q&A.

  • Making up the Global City

    Graduate Researcher: Caitlin Morrissey

    Supervisors: Prof Michele Acuto and Prof Kevin Ward

  • Food (in) security in Small Island States: A study of the Maldives

    Graduate Researcher: Anaa Hassan

    Supervisors: Dr Celia McMichael and Prof Uma Kothari

  • Evolution and the fight against drug resistant bacteria

    Graduate Researcher: Jake Soley

    Supervisors: Prof Ben Howden and Dr Mato Lagator

  • Resident meibomian gland orifice immune cells (MOICs) and the effects of benzalkonium chloride (BAK) in mice

    Graduate Researcher: Ching Yi Wu

    Supervisors: A/Prof Laura Downie and Dr Carole MaldonadoCodina

  • Functional Genomics in Primary Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

    Graduate Researcher: Oliver Sinclair

    Supervisors: Prof Mark Dawson and Prof Tim Somervaille

  • Digital therapeutic alliance in the context of fully automated mental health apps

    Graduate Researcher: Fang Tong

    Supervisors: Prof Reeva Lederman and Prof Katherine Berry

  • Nanoscale quantum doping: Towards Qubit Engineering on Demand

    Graduate Researcher: Ravi Acharya

    Supervisors: Prof David Jamieson and Prof Richard Curry

  • Fishing for proteins to find answers for new tuberculosis treatments

    Graduate Researcher: Hannah Ryan

    Supervisors: Prof Craig Hutton and Prof David Leys

  • Listening difficulties in children

    Graduate Researchers: Xuehan Zhou and Alisha Gudkar

    Supervisors: A/Prof Dani Tomlin and Dr Antje Heinrich

  • UNESCO and the international travel of cultural policies

    Graduate Researcher: Thuy Tran

    Supervisors: Dr Christiaan De Beukelaer and Dr Abigail Gilmore

  • 21:15 AEDT/ 10:15 GMT - Day 1 Concluding Remarks

    Dr Kevin Li will conclude day one of the conference

Thursday 9 February 2023

  • 18:30 AEDT/ 7:30 GMT - Day 2 Opening address

    Prof Michael Taylor, Academic Lead (Manchester), Cookson Scholars IRTG will introduce Day 2 of the conference

    Prof Melissa Westwood, Associate Vice-President for Research, The University of Manchester will delivery the opening address

  • Understanding Collaborative Water Governance in Urbanising China: Case Study of Baiyangdian Lake

    Graduate Researcher: Mengyao Li

    Supervisors: Dr Sarah Rogers and Dr Alison Browne

  • The 4Es of carbon-neutral buildings: A standardised approach. The 4Es of carbon-neutral buildings: A standardised approach.

    Graduate Researcher: Judy Too

    Supervisors: Dr Felix Hui and Dr Obuks Ejohwomu

  • Signal Acquisition and Processing from Piezoelectric and Triboelectric Sensors

    Graduate Researcher: Ronald Thomas Leon

    Supervisors: Prof Amanda Ellis and Dr Aravind Vijayaraghavan

  • Precipitation over the Southern Ocean: new insights from ship-based disdrometer and dual-polarization radar observations

    Graduate Researcher: Larry Ger Aragon

    Supervisors: Dr Yi Huang and Dr Jonathan Crosier

  • Visualising splenic immune responses to malaria by high-dimensional imaging mass cytometry

    Graduate Researcher: Antonn Cheeseman

    Supervisors: Prof William Heath and Dr Kevin Couper

  • Conceptualising hygienic citizenship in everyday uneven urban contexts

    Graduate Researcher: Dongyang Mi

    Supervisors: Dr Sarah Rogers and Dr Alison Browne

  • 20:30 AEDT/ 9:30 GMT - Day 2 Concluding Remarks

    Dr Suzie Sheehy, Academic Lead (Melbourne), Cookson Scholars IRTG will give her concluding remarks and discuss the future of the Cookson Scholars.

First published on 21 December 2022.

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