Spatio Temporal Structure of Object Representation


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This project aims to examine and model the self-assembly of nanostructures.

The details

Experimenting and modelling nano self-assembly through Reprecipitation, Miniemulsion and PhotoAggregation.

Graduate researcher profile: Mayank Bhasin


I completed my undergraduate degree in ComperScience at IIT Kharagpur and have worked as a J2EE architect where my steering projects and tasks were focussed on Machine Learning, Vision and Embedded Systems.

In my PhD I am working to explore complex networks, graph theoretic and machine learning techniques to model and predict nano self assembly better. I am also injecting learnings from self assembly patterns into behavioural modelling over social media.


Mohapatra, D.P., Kumar, R., Mall, R., Kumar, D.S. and Bhasin, M., 2006. Distributed dynamic slicing of Java programs. Journal of Systems and Software, 79(12), pp.1661-1678.

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First published on 16 November 2022.

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