Watch: Bioinspired soft robotics and its applications


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Learn about where the field of bioinspired soft robotics is heading and exciting potential applications for biomedicine and locomotor biomechanics.


  • Professor Cecilia Laschi, National University of Singapore. Cecilia has been instrumental in the development of soft robotics as a field, and its applications in biomedicine; particularly focusing on humanoid robotics and neurorobotics - at the intersection of neuroscience and robotics.
  • Professor Bill Sellers, University of Manchester. Bill heads the Animal Simulation Laboratory. His current focus is on locomotor biomechanics, where he combines computer simulations with more traditional experimental approaches to explore adaptations for movement.

In conversation with Professor Mark Elgar and Professor Devi Stuart-Fox at the Bionspiration Hallmark Research Initiative.

Part of the BioInspiration conversation series.

First published on 9 May 2022.

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