Bio-informed Advanced Materials


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Bio-informed Advanced Materials A workshop to build inter-disciplinary connections within Australia

Focus: Advanced, multi-functional materials informed by an in-depth understanding of biological systems

This by invitation event is an in-person, fully catered workshop sponsored by the University of Melbourne Hallmark Research Initiative in BioInspiration.

The two-day workshop will include brief pitches or talks by participants, focused workshop activities and a panel discussion.


  • To cultivate inter-disciplinary connections among Australasian researchers with a shared interest in bio-informed advanced materials and to identify research opportunities and potential for collaborative initiatives

Our keynote speakers research at the interface of biology, materials science and beyond

Gerd Schroder-Turk Expertise: materials geometry, self-assembly in biological systems.

Gregory Watson Expertise: nano/micro-structured biological surfaces and their technological applications.

9 and 10 June 2022 The University of Melbourne

Registration: Nominal cost of $100, includes all catering. Please register here

First published on 9 May 2022.

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