Opposing views or rising tides: Climate Conversations Ep 2


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The Biden Administration’s strong climate leadership is reverberating around the world. Where does Australia now fit and what options do we have to reframe climate change policy?

In Episode 2 of Climate Conversations, we look at how Australia can respond to this growing appetite for real climat

Climate Conversations is a series of webinars from the University of Melbourne. Each conversation addressed the challenges and opportunities of climate change that we, as individuals or communities, have the capacity to address.


Linh Do
Co-Director, Leaders for Global Sustainability program, University of Melbourne; Bertha Fellow, Plan International Australia

Professor Jacqueline Peel
Director, Melbourne Climate Futures, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne

Richie Merzian
Climate and Energy Program Director, The Australia Institute

Luke Menzel
CEO of the Energy Efficiency Council, Vice-President of the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council and the Lead Chair of the NSW Government's Green Globe Awards

Dr Anna Kosovac
Research Fellow in International Urban Policy, Faculty of Architecture, Building And Planning, University of Melbourne

First published on 11 May 2022.

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