A post-COP conversation


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Listen to a post COP episode of the Melbourne Climate Futures podcast, Climate Talks.

Hosted by Dr Cathy Oke and Professor Jackie Peel, with expert guests from the University of Melbourne including:

Robyn Schofield (Associate Professor in Atmospheric Chemistry, Associate Dean Environment and Sustainability in the School of Geography, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences) and Janine Felson (Research Fellow, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute) on what decisions were made in Glasgow, what opportunities were missed, and what are the implications of these outcomes for climate science, climate finance, and sustainable development.

Rebecca Burdon (Honorary Research Fellow with Melbourne Climate Futures and CEO of Climate Resource) with her analysis of pledges made at COP26 and whether they 'add up' to keeping 1.5 alive.

Professor Don Henry offers his reflections, sent from the floor of the Blue Zone, on the outcomes of the COP.


First published on 16 December 2021.

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