Tin Alley Ventures

Supporting high-potential start-ups achieve global impact and success

Tin Alley Ventures is a new University-dedicated venture capital fund that will invest in exceptional University-affiliated start-ups, from seed stage through to Pre-IPO.

Through funding and access to expertise and networks, Tin Alley Ventures will help support founders and propel their start-ups to reach their potential to deliver outstanding global impact and financial returns for investors.

What is Tin Alley Ventures?

Tin Alley Ventures is a partnership between the University of Melbourne and leading investment firm, Tanarra Capital, running a University-dedicated venture capital fund that will invest in, and propel the development of, high potential ventures developed within the University of Melbourne ecosystem.

Designed to facilitate successful exits and greater impact of the strongest start-ups, the Fund invests in start-ups that show promising future investment return potential. It will provide capital as well as skills and connections to help founders grow their team, develop commercial grade products and services, and drive customer acquisition and global expansion.

Tin Alley Ventures plays a key role in our comprehensive ecosystem, which, through a culture of innovation that embraces commercialisation and provides funding opportunities, supports academics, students and partner organisations to bring their endeavours to life.

The Tin Alley Ventures Fund is targeting +$100 million, providing investments from $500K up to several million dollars.

For more information, please get in touch.

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Tin Alley on campus

Complementing our ecosystem, filling the funding gap

Graphic explaining funding ecosystem for commercialisation at the University of Melbourne

Why have we established Tin Alley Ventures?

The University of Melbourne is home to world-class research and ideas that have the potential for a significant positive impact on the wider world. Tin Alley Ventures, along with the new University of Melbourne Genesis Pre-Seed Fund, which provides pre-seed stage funding, has been established to ensure these ideas are supported through all stages of growth in the commercialisation process – from proof of concept through to investment-ready start-ups on the path to social and commercial success at scale.

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Who can apply for funding?

Tin Alley Ventures is for investment-ready start-ups, from all sectors and industries, with a demonstrable link to the University of Melbourne.

For more information, please get in touch.

When can I apply?

Tin Alley Ventures will be open for applications later this year.

For more information, please get in touch.

Contact the Fund Investment Team >


To find out more about support services available to academics, researchers, and those commercialising University-owned IP to translate research, visit the Research Gateway (University login required).

If you are interested in investing in this fund, please contact our partner and Tin Alley Ventures Fund manager, Tanarra Capital.

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