Severe asthma therapy


Recently licensed: A start-up has partnered with us to accelerate the development of a therapy for steroid-resistant asthma.

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The technology

This is a treatment for severe, steroid-resistant asthma. It enhances steroid activity by selectively inhibiting signalling pathways downstream of TGFẞ.

Market need

Up to 10 per cent of asthma patients are resistant to inhaled corticosteroids. New drugs to control corticosteroid-resistant severe asthma is a major priority.

Technology status

Known compound PF670462 has achieved target validation. This compound enhances steroid activity, without evidence of autoimmune or cardiac toxicities.

Katrina Sorocos
+61 3 8344 1919

Banner image: Animation showing the mechanical activation of TGF-beta protein

First published on 11 June 2020.

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