Strategic Partnerships

Co-design a bespoke, impact-driven partnership with the University of Melbourne.

Partnerships between universities and industry are becoming increasingly important in today’s world of complex challenges. By bringing together significant strengths to solve ambitious challenges, partnerships achieve the kind of impact and scale that is not possible alone.

Effective strategic partnerships have the potential to improve innovation and competitiveness, expand networks and opportunities, close the talent and skills gap, and enhance reputation and credibility.

A shared vision

We seek to engage and nurture high-potential partnerships through common points of interest and shared values.

By establishing mutually beneficial ways of collaborating we can combine world-class academic research with industry expertise and commercialisation potential to drive innovation.

A strategic partnership with the University of Melbourne unlocks a range of ways to work together from research collaboration, to developing your workforce talent for both now and the future, and building reputation and networks.

Benefits of partnering with us

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Explore some of our industry partnerships

Our partners include global leaders in the technology, health, energy and communications industries.

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Collaboration and co-location

Our various innovation precincts hold the potential to deliver significant value for partners through collaboration. The potential for co-location offers the benefits of tapping into a density of ideas, a network of companies, students, and interdisciplinary research activity.

As a strategic partner we support you in harnessing the innovation potential which precincts offer and identifying growth opportunities from across a diverse ecosystem of academics, startups, and student cohorts, as well as working jointly on major funding opportunities aligned with key government priorities.

Explore our innovation precincts

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A tailored experience

We extend a limited number of all-of-university partnerships to global companies,  providing access to a range of high-value benefits through active and dedicated support.

Leadership from both organisations are invested in shaping the strategic direction and achieving collective success. A dedicated partnership manager unlocks whole-of-University capabilities, driving growth opportunities aimed at delivering on the value proposition.

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First published on 13 March 2023.

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