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Join a stimulating research community at Australia’s leading comprehensive research-intensive university. As a graduate researcher, you’ll access research training of the highest quality. You’ll be well-supported by a community of experts who are ranked among the world’s best – by number of citations, awards and grant success.

We'll challenge you to push the boundaries of knowledge and make a difference in your field. We'll help you to design purposeful PhD or masters research that adds to the store of human knowledge or creates real-world impact or does both. Research that leads to a better, fairer, richer world.

And when you leave, you'll enhance your career prospects with a degree you can take anywhere in the world.

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At the University of Melbourne we bring together the best minds to solve big challenges and find new opportunities to help your organisation and to benefit society.

As a partner you can access the University's latest research, technologies, and research infrastructure.

Depending on your needs, there are many ways that we can work together, from collaboration on strategic research projects to developing products that give your organisation an edge.

Our expert researchers have deep knowledge across all disciplines. And with your real-world experience, knowledge and resources, together we can solve your most pressing challenges and collaborate to discover new opportunities.

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Facilities & Resources

From unique and rare collections, expansive archives and digital expertise, to contemporary galleries, technology platforms and infrastructure. Discover Melbourne’s rich research, education and teaching resources and facilities, many of which are open to the public.

On and off campus, research capability is enhanced through dedicated research precincts, services in microscopy, plant growth and whole-body bioimaging, cultural artefact preservation and harnessing your research data.

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Melbourne research around the world

Twenty-four seven, the University of Melbourne and its global research collaborators are creating, challenging and curating knowledge for a thriving society. We are also translating discoveries into meaningful, practical impact to benefit the world.

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Research at Melbourne

"The University of Melbourne carries out research to enrich our understanding of the world. To grow the store of human knowledge. And to address major social, economic, health and environmental challenges. We instil this spirit of discovery in future generations of researchers. And we ensure that all our graduates have essential research skills."

Professor James McCluskey, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

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