Researcher Development Unit

The Researcher Development Unit (RDU) is a resource for all members of the University of Melbourne research community, including graduate researchers.

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We empower researchers to thrive at all the different stages of their diverse careers by illuminating opportunities and supporting them to negotiate challenges. We recognise that it can sometimes be difficult to see the resources that are available and to find mentors and allies along your chosen path.

We provide meaningful opportunities for development, so that all members of the research community can flourish in mutually beneficial ways leading to discoveries that make an impact by changing the world for the better.

The Research Development Unit supports the co-ordination, delivery and evaluation of programs across all academic career stages and levels. We do this by working in partnership with Faculties, PhD Programs and other professional development providers.

We aim to support researchers to:

  • Discover the interpersonal and leadership skills essential to successful mentoring and supervision
  • Establish rich connections within and beyond your academic discipline
  • Learn how to navigate uncertainty with confidence

Get in touch with us

If you'd like to collaborate with our team on a researcher development offering, or have a question for us, get in touch via email on

Empowered choices

When we feel empowered, we can make decisions from a place of integrity and confidence, and those decisions will lead to positive outcomes. The RDU encourages courageous decisions that lead to impact within your research and career.

Accessing resources

Navigating the complex research ecosystem can be challenging to those without existing knowledge. The RDU provides guidance to researchers so they can take advantage of the many resources and support that is available.

Making connections

It’s exciting to mingle within a research community that is full of equally intelligent people with interesting ideas that inspire innovation and challenge traditional assumptions. The RDU facilitates professionally enriching programs that involve meaningful interactions with colleagues across disciplines.

Celebrating difference

There is no single trajectory to success and more fluid pathways in an out of the university should be celebrated with equal measure. The RDU supports unique and non-linear career trajectories and pathways to flourishing.

First published on 1 February 2023.

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